Monday, August 24, 2015

Iowa Auntie

After Anders birthday party on 8/16, I drove South to Clear Lake, IA to spend the night.  The rain really rolled in the last 50 miles or so and I was really happy to arrive at my motel.  

This Best Western has a Bennigan's Restaurant & Bar attached, so that was an added bonus on a rainy night after a tense drive.  I enjoyed a couple of cocktails with some dinner.
Margarita with beer chaser, big chaser!

The next morning, I drove to Des Moines to see my Aunt Johanne, Dad's sister.  I made a quick stop at Story City, IA and saw this cool tribute to veterans.
I love road trips because there are interesting sights to see in small town America!

The plan was for me to visit Aunt Johanne at her apartment and maybe go to lunch.  We decided to just eat a sandwich from her kitchen for lunch and then we just visited the day away.  It was nice to just chat about whatever came to mind.  I heard some family stories that I had not heard before and we discussed current events as well.  
We two are the keepers of our family tree information too, 
so we talked about some changes and additions to that information.
I loved it.

Laila sent Aunt Johanne a rose plant on her birthday and I took a photo to show Laila how well it is doing.  I think Aunt Jo said it had bloomed twice already and it looked like there might be some new growth coming now.

Aunt Johanne & Wanda
I'm going to plan to go down again in October for another day of visiting.  Maybe I'll have some questions to ask but maybe we'll just chat.

I took a couple of photos of the new Grand View University buildings that are very near where Aunt Johanne lives.  Many family members are alumni of this school.
 The sky bridge in the distance is brand new.
Those students are going to love that in the winter!

It got back to my motel in Clear Lake before the rain started and made another visit to Bennigans.
The rain came down hard and I was happy to be safely in my room.

Tuesday, I headed for home.
I didn't get far before the rain started again.

It rained hard through much of the Red Wing area, I was glad to get across the river to higher ground as they were warning of flash flooding and I wasn't interested in a float trip.

Finally, the rain let up, closer to home, so I stopped for a burger at
Rusty's Waterin' Hole & Chowhouse at the crossroad of Hwys 63 & 64.
It was a good spot.

The Island Burger had a ring of pineapple & jalapenos under the cheese.

I got home-sweet-home by late afternoon.
It's a long drive, the rain didn't help, but I am glad I went.

It's good to spend time with the Auntie!

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