Monday, August 10, 2015


The card game of Bridge has proven to be the catalyst I needed to make many good friends here in Rice Lake.  I think this must be my 3rd or 4th year playing with this group and I enjoy every minute.

Some of the players are only here for part of the year, like Doug and Sherry, who live full time in Arizona, but have roots here in Wisconsin.  They spend a month or two here in the summer and they dropped into the bridge game one Thursday a couple of years ago.  
Since then we have become good buddies, and have managed to stay in touch through the winter by playing on line bridge once a week.  
Now Doug's sister plays with the group all year long too.  

While Doug and Sherry have been here this summer, we started meeting at the coffee shop, $4.06 lattes, but worth every penny.  
We play an on line tournament, and the loser was to buy ice cream at the newly reopened Milk Pail.

Today, was the finale, I was the top score, Doug was next, 
so Sherry & Cheryl had to buy our ice cream.

Free ice cream is the best, and especially with good friends!
Bridge, friends and ice is good.

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