Sunday, August 9, 2015

Chippewa Falls

The little town of Chippewa Falls is famous to most Wisconsinites because the Leinenkugel's Brewery is located there.  Last weekend, I was in the Chippewa area to watch Gage play baseball.  I'm working on a post about his games.  On Saturday, after his morning game, we had the rest of the day off, I started out trying to drive around Lake Wissota and along my way, I came across what used to be called Northern Colony.

It's pretty hard to understand how humans reacted to mental illness in the past.
This marker lays it on the line.

The grounds are very well maintained and I believe this facility is still in use.
This old bridge, no longer in use, was interesting.

Two butterflies were engaged in play or warfare, not sure which, I tried my best to get a few photos.
Since then, I have discussed with my photo club pals how to get a better picture next time.

This photo let me see it was a Viceroy butterfly vs ?

I couldn't find my way around the lake, so instead I took a stroll around downtown Chippewa.

Chippewa Falls has a series of Historical Markers and I am guessing there is a guide available from the Visitor's Bureau, so I'll have to go back and see more of the history of this town.
So much of Wisconsin's early development was a result of logging, and Chippewa Falls is no exception.
This US Post Office is a remarkable building.
The railing around the roof reminded me of the railing on old bridge from a few postings ago.
Since both were built in the same era, I'm wondering if it was the same designer.

It was hot and humid, so this fountain in the center of town was a welcome sight.

I noticed that Chippewa is part of the Main Street Wisconsin program.

The Main Street Program helps preserve, revitalize and restore Wisconsin's downtowns and historic commercial districts with traditional development strategies.

 Another old building talked about the Philanthropic work by one of these men who made their fortune from logging the north woods of Wisconsin.

It was an interesting visit to Chippewa Falls 
and I'll have to go back to learn more about the history of this town.


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