Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An aunt

Aunt Johanne is my Dad's sister.  She's the last of those kids and my only Johansen side Aunt.  This weekend, after attending Anders' birthday party, I decided to head to Iowa to visit her.  I decided to stay in Clear Lake, making Sunday's drive easy, then Monday I drove to Des Moines and spent the day visiting with my auntie.  We just sat in her apartment and chatted, about this and that.  Some family memories, a bit about politics, and our family tree work.  I totally enjoyed the day of just her and I, in a quiet setting, talking comfortably.
About an hour before I was going to leave to head back to Clear Lake, her daughter, my cousin Nancy stopped in.  She snapped this photo for me.

Johanne and Wanda
Last March for her birthday, Laila sent a rose plant to Aunt Johanne.
The plant has bloomed a couple of times already and it looks like it is sprouting some new growth again, so maybe there is another blooming coming along.
And a pretty pot it came in too.
Well done Laila!

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