Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thank you Mother Nature

My car wanted to have its oil changed today,  so I put on my walking shoes, spotted my car off and started my trek.  The first 15 minutes was walking along the street to the entrance to the trail.  
I came across this mailbox, dontcha think this should be my mailbox?

I am working on a 30 day challenge to increase my steps up 10,000 by the end of the 30 days.   Today I was supposed to walk 5,000 steps.

The Red Cedar River runs along the trail, much of the trail had river view.  

It's been a couple of years since I was able to walk on this trail 
and some improvements have been made. 

These white pines are giants and so pretty.

Now there is a nice sitting area with stone benches, and a view of the river. 
The bricks lining the cement pad have names engraved in them, this must have been done by volunteers and fundraising.
Further along, a new cedar building, over hanging the river, 
is a very wonderful spot to rest and admire Mother Nature's work.

I'm not sure who funded this addition to the trail, but it is really nice.

I have an app built into my phone that counts my steps whenever it is on,  and another app that will map my path.  I turned on the My Tracks app at the turn around point of my walk today, here is the map it drew for me.

 I could see a few ducks on the river.
I was only carrying my cellphone camera, but you get the idea.

A nice pavilion on the trail, the taggers have been busy, but it's a nice building.

I noticed something interesting alongside the trail, it turned out to be an art installation.

 Common Tansy are in full bloom right now, so much yellow everywhere.

I think I walked about 4 miles from the car place and back.
I got my 10,000 steps today, more than I planned but makes up for not very many on Monday and Tuesday and now I'm back on track on my challenge.

The trail is well used, I met several folks walking, some with dogs, and one young man, riding very fast on a bike, nearly knocked me over...he needs to learn some trail etiquette.

Thank you Mother Nature for a good walk today.

My phone sent me this award as a text message.

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