Friday, August 28, 2015

Just Right

After many days, or so it seems, of too hot, too humid, too wet or too chilly, today is a nice summer day. 
Barley and I haven't had any deck time lately, so we are enjoying the after noon outdoors. 

I did a little walk around the yard, reminding myself that summer isn't over so baskets still need watering and weeds still need pulled.  Summer isn't over, yet.

I'm pleased with the repurpose of my dead pine tree.  
The first year Nugget hops grew to the tippy top and produced a few nice looking cones.   
Next year will be even better. 
And I'll be more thoughtful about cutting down trees in the future.

6 years ago I planted some bushes I bought from the county.  They looked like a little twig and now 6 ft tall & loaded with berries.  I'm hoping the birds will enjoy the feast.  I tasted one, ewww, but maybe it needs to be very ripe and a little fermented to be of interest to humans or birds.

The little rodent chipmunks have been busy jamming their cheeks full of sunflower seeds and hiding them in everyone one of my pots & hanging baskets.  One nice plant is about to have a flower.   Since I can't bring myself to dispose of the chipmunks,  I'll just have to appreciate their gardening skills.
It's hard not to love sunflowers even if I don't love the little rodents who are planting them.

Tonight I'm meeting friends at our new Sushi restaurant,  I'm taking Mr. Right.  
My friend Carol matched me up with him.  He's low maintenance.

Some things are just right.

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