Thursday, July 30, 2015

It should have been 100

From my friend Mary's house, to my house, it's just about exactly 100 miles, 2 hours of driving.  My route was considerably longer, and I wish I knew how far I drove.
Since then, I have installed an app on my phone that tracks my travel, so if I ever get a wild hair to take the long way home again, I'll have better info.
When I finally got on Highway 27 headed South, and decided to avoid Hayward, I turned West on Hwy 77 to catch US53 at Minong.
Now I had a straight show home, it was getting later in the day and I was ready to get home, unpack the sewing equipment and make some supper.

As I came into Rice Lake, almost to the exit for County O, I noticed an Osprey Nest just off the highway, accessible from a city street.  All the times I have driven this stretch, I have never noticed this nest before.
As I was driving by, I saw the adult Osprey land on the next and 2 little heads popped up to eat whatever Mom had brought for them.
I couldn't resist going to see the next up close, it was only a few blocks out of my way, which was nothing after the route I had taken to this point in the trip.
So, I found the street, and there was a spot to pull off the street in a soybean field, 

and I walked down the pavement to get a view with the sun to my back.
Just as I walked out far enough to see up into the nest, Mom arrived.
 Dropped off the groceries, and off she went again.
Then I got a view of the juveniles.
 They didn't seem to happy to see me.
 But they kept their eyes on Mom

Mom circled overhead, and then way out over the field of soybeans, almost to the freeway.

 Eventually she circled right over me and gave me the eye.
That's when it dawned on me that I was disrupting their activity, so it was time for me to leave.

As I was headed back to the car, I noticed that the Osprey leave quite a mark on their 'hood.
This splat was big, a coffee cup full at least.

So, that ended my big day of 'you gotta see' this or that.
It was a fun day with Pentax but I was happy to see my driveway and arrived home at about 6:30pm.

Life is Good.

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