Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Homeward Bound after Colton Flowage

Okay, so I left the flowage, heading back to County Road G, which I thought I could take South to Rice Lake.  I decided I might as well continue on the road less traveled.
So, I'm driving along, when I see this road sign for Wozny Road.
This wouldn't mean anything to anyone else, but a couple of my pals who are really good wildlife photographers, have often talked about Wozny road and I've seen some of their photos.
I never knew where it was, and I actually thought it was up near Gordon, 
but here it was, right on my way.

So, without knowing what I was getting into, I turned down Wozny Road.
Wozny is gravel, average speed was about 10-15 mph, and it weaves through the Totagatic Wildlife Area, heading East.  I'm not sure of the exact length of this road, but I think it was about 15 miles.

It was secluded and woodsy and pretty, but the deer flies were fierce.

My first stop was at yet another little flowage.
This time the 1 land dam was on the Totagatic River.

This was a pretty area, so quiet and wild.

From this point on, I hopped out of the car a few times, 
but the flies were biting hard, so my photos from this long, slow, scenic drive are few.

A well camouflaged butterfly on the road.
There were many of these along the drive on Wozny.

Mother Nature got this coloring just right.

I'm working on the identity of this beauty.

A stand of trees looking like Aspens.

Bee Balm and Barb Wire

Finally, I got to the main road, Hwy 27 and headed South.
One more stop at yet another dam on the Totagatic River,
I didn't walk out on this dam as it was busy with people enjoying the day.

These Cone Flowers were growing in a flower bed right by the parking lot,
I thought they were eye catching.

I knew I didn't want to drive through Hayward on a July weekend,
so headed South until I got to Hwy 77 and 
then headed back West to Hwy 53 for the remainder of my drive.
I took this photo, thinking to myself, just stay on the Dam road and go home.

And I almost did.

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