Monday, July 13, 2015

The Sandcastle gets a makeover

About 2 years ago, I thought I would start staining our cabin.  Menards had a good rebate on the stain, so I bought two 5 gallon buckets of Mahogany Flame.  I hauled the stain up to the cabin with the good intention of beginning the work soon.  Well, that summer was rainy and it seemed like when I had time, it was wet up there.  
Last summer flew by and then once I had my ankle surgery, this idea came off my to do list.

This year, it made its way back onto my To-Do List.
Friday before the 4th, I went up to the cabin to do a few little chores and I tested the stain to make sure that, having been frozen twice, it was still going to mix okay and be use-able.  
I applied a test patch, I liked how it looked.

So, last Friday, I headed North, painting clothes and supplies packed in the car.
The forecast was for clear skies and warm temperatures.
I started Friday afternoon to finish the East side of the cabin where I had done my test patch.

Notice that old picnic table.
It looked bad.

 By Friday afternoon, I had the east side done.
I love the new color and how it looks in the woods.

I relaxed on the deck and had a beverage and saw a very pretty sunset.
Then it was early to bed as I knew I had lots to do on Saturday.

 Even standing on the stop step of this little ladder, I could only reach the roofline.
We need to find some taller ladders and braver people to finish the rest.

 It was so much easier once the ladder could be on the deck,
safer too.
Just to break things up, and to be off the ladder for a bit,
I stained the front of the outhouse.
It's not the nice log style siding though, and it is hard work to stain the pine rough wood.

Notice the deck?

  I was pleased with the cabin look but that deck....
I couldn't stand how that looked against the cabin.
So, I dug around and scrounged up a roller and roller pad, a roller pan and then stole the broom handle and I went after the deck.

 What a dramatic change.

My new handrails, the new stain and this little deck looks great.
 Then I started on the West side of the cabin.
The ladder was a little wobbly over there, and I was getting tired.
I did not save my best work for last either...
but it got done, although there is a little ladder work yet to do.
 Pretty sweet.
 Before I left on Sunday, I took a walk around to admire my work.

 The picnic table got a coating too.

Still a big chunk of work to do.
I saved the worst for last.

The picnic table gets a new life.
It rained overnight, and it was nice to see the water beading up on the new stain.

 The view from the deck is so sweet.
I think 2 cars went by on Friday and 3 on Saturday and 1 Sunday morning.
I did have a weird deal happen.
I came around the cabin and at the end of this driveway, standing on the grass was a big ?dog?
I'm not sure now.
At first I thought dog, German Shepherd maybe, it was big.
He looked at me and froze, and I froze hoping he wasn't going to come and bite my legs off.
Then I yelled "Go Home" and he turned and ran off.
There are not many cabins in this area, I've never seen a dog up there and now I'm starting to wonder what I saw.
I think it may have been a wolf, but I'm not sure.
My hands were full of painting stuff, so no photo.
I have looked at a few photos on the internet.
I'm just not sure.  I think it actually could have been a wolf.  
They are seen in this area, we've heard them calling at night, and my nephew saw tracks on the road 1/4 mile away the weekend before I was there.
I guess I'll always wonder.
 I love 'before the work' & 'after the work' photos
Nephew Kris got a good buy on a loveseat hide-a-bed and he made the exchange over the 4th.
Old overstuffed huge sofa gone, 
this fits so nice and gives us another bed too.
Just perfect.

The Sandcastle must be loving all this TLC.
I'm looking forward to going up without a to-do list, 
so I can sit on the deck, 
sip a beverage, 
read a book 
& listen to the wind in the tall trees.

Lots of work gets done at our cabin by the owners, 
some that I can do, and some that I can't.  
I can't cut up wood for the stove, 
I can't do the carpenter work, 
but I can sling a paint brush and with good results.

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