Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank You notes have changed

Change is something that most of us find to be interesting, or difficult, or excellent or upsetting.  I've written many times before about how important I believe thank you notes can be.  Writing letters has become a little used communication technique, and I suppose I'm sad about that in a way, but mostly I love using email to quickly communicate for my personal and professional needs.

Now, with cell phones cameras finding their way into the hands of most every adult, thank you notes have taken a turn for the better.  What is better than a quick text or email, with a photo, thanking a giver of a gift.  Here are a couple of sweet examples.
Baby August Kirk wearing the Handsome Little Guy tee shirt and shorts I gave him.

Anders holding the photo book I sent him.
I made a book on Shutterfly with the photos from my recent visit/stay.
I still love the idea of a thank you note, but sometimes, change is mighty fine.

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