Sunday, July 5, 2015

Another 4th of July at the Big Moon

In no apparent order, a few snaps from the day at Big Moon Lake, 
hosted by Glenn and Kathy
 & enjoyed by many.

Bryce waiting to get in the water.
Adult supervision is a requirement.

Charli modeling the 'candle hat' after the pontoon parade.

Jake, not sure what he is pondering.

Fresh baby August, with Mom Angie.

Twin baby girls are coming in 8 weeks for Thea

First fish for Bryce

Except for this little fish that he caught earlier, bare handed.
It was already dead tho...

Bryce likes to pretend burp very loud.  Boys will be boys.

Cordell likes his chippies

Charli and her Uncle Dana getting ready for a ride

Charli off the slide
Charli hits the water


Raft rats Charli, Vinny, Jake & Jackson

Cordell with Auntie Krista "glasses"

Corde clapping


Dana, Jake & Charli - Dana likes to give them their money's worth

Pulling the tube, Jackson is the look out

Krista getting jiggy with it

Putting on the candle hats for the big parade.

Cousins Emily and Alyxis getting ready for a tube ride

Beautiful girlies


Engine trouble, Andy and Dana trying to figure it out

A big birthday cake complete with candles for America's Birthday.
They were singing Happy Birthday Dear America, Happy Birthday to you!

Silly Alyxis is shutting kids to the raft, forgot to leave her phone on shore.

Grandma Kathy at the swings with Corde and Wynni

Corde, Bryce and Wynni loving Grandma's pushes

Little guys Ivan and Bryce with wet feet

Ivan is a busy boy, very curious and fearless

Ivan is a water lover

He has grown up around the water.

Jackson hates me taking his photo, so I have to be sly, and I am good at that.

Jackson on the raft.

Jake catching some air time.

Jake, ready to go

Sleeping beauty.
Jordyn came to the lake after work, took her phone and head phones and headed to the raft for a nap.

Kaija with baby August.

Kids shuttling to the raft via the paddle boat.

Grandma Lois holding little August.
I caught her in mid word I think.

Krista, Vinny and Mark makin' some waves

Krista, grandson Vinny & Mark

Glenn was the grill master

Big sister Megan with baby August

Milli and Vinny figuring out how they can hold on

Milli meets the water off the big slide
Milli got wet

Milli loves the tube.
She told me the best part of tubing is falling off.

Swimming Milli


Wynni modeling a candle hat

Vinny, Jake & Wynni on the dock

Milli, Jake, Vinny and Jordyn raftside

Emma, Sydnie, Thea

I think this tube rider looks bored, going to slow Dana?

Swallow Mom was beside herself as her next is under the pontoon deck so her babies were out on the water often.

Vinny with his blow gun

Vinny with a big catch

Time out from the buzz

Another catch, or the same little fish? Who knows

He didn't want to kiss the fish!

Vinny, he's a nice boy.

Wynni checking out the snorkel gear

Wynni and Alyxis motoring

Erin and Dana finding a little alone time, nude?  not sure

Airborn Emma and Sydnie

Honey Cat was at the lake recovering from a fractured pelvis.  She laid quietly in the pack & play.
We all hope she can make a comeback and then stay out of the way of careless drivers.

Pontoon decorating.

"icing the cake' of the pontoon boat

Corde is brave on his big slide.
See Video by clicking here.

Breanna holding baby August.
She said I could not post this on Facebook, so I figured I had the green light to post it here.
It was a good day at the lake, thank you Glenn & Kathy for these summer days of fun.

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