Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The J Boys and a Wisconsin Roadside Sculpture?

On Tuesday evening Dana called and asked if I could do a huge favor. Their day care provided called them at 8pm and said she couldn't take the boys in Wednesday because she was sick. So...Wednesday morning I got up early and drove to Baldwin and spent the day with Jake (1) and Jackson (4).
Jackson was not very excited to have his photo taken, he liked to make funny faces, but that didn't stop me. Someday (in about 14 years) he'll love seeing some of these pictures on his graduation slide show!

I was nervous I might not be able to handle both boys, but it was a hoot. Jackson and I did some coloring while Jake was napping. Jackson wanted to know if I color when I am at home.

He also told me I was silly, like his Grandpa Glenn. Not sure what that means. The boys are well behaved, probably more so with someone they don't know that well. We watched part of a Star Wars movie, Jackson is an expert on Star Wars. He knows all the characters and whether they are 'good guys' or 'bad guys'. He also loves to show me how STRONG he is.

One nice thing about rapid fire shutter is that occasionally you catch a cute smile whether the little boy likes it or not.

After his nap, Jake had a snack of a few raisins,

then read a little book.

Later he showed off his throwing arm. Maybe the U of W will want this photo some day when he is a star quarterback?

He does that pump thing before he throws...too much Brett Favre?

If there was a team called the Zebras, I might think we had a real prediction for the future going here.

Driving home from Baldwin, I saw this chain saw carving in the yard of a lake house. I'm not sure about this one.

From the other side you can't see the jaws and it doesn't really look like a fish, but looks a lot like a 10 ft tall body part. Weird.

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