Saturday, September 19, 2009

Holy Peacock

Friday afternoon I was napping on the couch recovering from my dental procedure. I got up to get a drink of water at the kitchen sink, looked out the window and saw a full grown peacock.

Needless to say, I sprinted for the camera. He didn't seem too bothered about anything, and I took several pictures while I was noodling on where he belonged. It didn't take long before I figured out that he probably was 'on the lam' from the petting zoo at The Produce Patch which is in full swing across the road. I called them and they said it was theirs and they would send a crew to capture the escapee.

They nearly got him into a net when he landed on the railing on the back deck, but he eluded capture and headed for the roof of my garage.

He got pretty scared when they tried to net him as he flew up to the garage roof, so he pooped. This is wicked poop. Looks like black tar. We can be very glad that Peacocks are not flying overhead!

Once he was on the garage roof, he settled down. I suppose he thought that he was safe. But, after borrowing my ladder, the Peacock Team was able to move him along, again, hoping to snag him in a net. You can see a glimmer of the netting in this photo.

After much chaos, the bird escaped. I did get a few nice photos of him though. At last report, he was headed North into a marshy field area. The Produce Patch folks are hoping he'll stay close as the hen and chicks are living in the petting zoo, he's been 'on the lam' for 3 days. I just hope he manages to cross County Road SS safely and get back to his family. He's not suited to survive in the Wisconsin woods.


sherri said...

You're so lucky!! I would love to have one wander through here--except I would KEEP him! Naughty me.

bonelakecountrylife said...

That is awesome! You must have been so surprised. Great pics Wanda!


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