Friday, September 18, 2009

Healing Fields

Today I visited the Healing Field, a demonstration to draw attention to child abuse. 1400 flags are set up every morning, representing the 1400 children that have died each year in the United States due to child abuse. 17 Wisconsin flags represent the children from Wisconsin. It was a stunning display to see 1400 represented with US Flags, each with either a pink or blue ribbon attached to indicate a boy or a girl who had died.

One of the volunteers offered to walk the field with me. She had a personal story of a nephew that was shaken by a nanny as a baby and is permanently disabled. It was very moving to walk through the flags and see the pink or blue ribbon.

It was totally by accident that I stopped at this display. I was on the way home after my dental procedure, saw the flags and stopped to see what it was about. Very impressive and the volunteers there were very nice and dedicated to their cause. All 1400 flags will be taken down tonight and reset in the morning.

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