Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bonus Relatives, Big Hairy Caterpillers, Blasted Tooth

Moving back to Wisconsin has not only brought me closer to all the J's, but also some cousins on my Mom's side. My Grandmother was a sister to their mother, so we are first cousins once removed. Tonight I had dinner with the 4 brothers and wives and it was a blast. First we had a nice pontoon boat ride on the lake in front of their house and then we had great visiting, cocktails and yummy dinner. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next time.
I found this little guy on the back deck, he's got such great hair! Turns out he turns into a very pretty moth, but have not seen the moth yet.
Friday I am making an unplanned trip to Eau Claire. I saw the endodontist today and I need to have some oral surgery to remove an abscess from my front tooth so have an appointment in the morning, now doesn't that sound like great fun? I hope I feel good enough after to make a stop at Joann's Fabrics and Crafts, have not been there since Denver. I must need something.


sherri said...

Sorry about the tooth deal! No fun---but JoAnn's will make up for it. Their new store is FAB! The best part is that there is also a new Michaels's just across the street. You might tell I have been there -- of course I NEEDED something!

bonelakecountrylife said...

Do you know what kind of moth? I had one of those guys on my kitcen ceiling the other day...made Todd release it back into the wild - HA!


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