Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Festival with Terry and Janet

I forgot to post these pictures from our visit to the Leinenkugel's Brewery and the Baker Orchard Apple Fest. It was interesting to see how the orchard trees are pruned as I am working on my own apple trees and learning as I go.

One of the Baker Orchard trees

Janet found a beer she liked, of course it had Raspberries in it...and you know who puts raspberries in beer don't you? Satan of course.

Terry & Janet at Leinie's

The apple fest was fun, lots of good art and some very unique live entertainment and delicious lunch.

This girl had cat ears on her head and quite an eclectic look. I'm pretty sure that they were driving the VW bus with Love painted on the side. I love when people stick with what they are passionate about.

The inside of the barn was very awesome, you can see the original building techniques.
The old barn has been restored inside and out which this picture does not show well at all.

The Cafe Wren from Luck was serving lunch and it was yummy.

I'm not sure what this bush of flowers is called, but I want to plant one in my yard next summer.

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