Monday, July 3, 2017

The Big Moon Lake 4th

Every year, Glenn & Kathy host the family for a 4th of July celebration.  They are always nice to include me in the invitations and it's always a fun time for all.
The Big Moon Lake owners association sponsors a boat parade with prizes for the best decorations.
The Johansens have won 1st place several years running, so this year, the decorations were toned down and had a patriotic theme.

There were A LOT of little kids about age 7 and under, all cousins, and they were having a blast playing a big game of Red Light / Green Light.
Vinny was running the game for a while.

Some of the older kids even played.
Milli, Charli, Jake, Jackson, Bryce & Vinny
One of the Severson cousins sitting it out.

Jackson, Bryce, Vinny, Charli, Breanna

Jake, Bryce, Jackson
Andy and Michelle on the lake


Dana got in the water and had to try to get the kids off the raft.

Dana was successful.

Eagle fly by

Nice of the eagles to fly over

Ride the boat, Jackson hates it when I take his picture.
That doesn't stop me from trying.


The game is to climb on the raft and knock the other kids off the raft.

Wynni hanging out with Michelle and Andy on their boat.

Michelle & Wynni


Milli resting up while we motored out to the swim spot.


Two eagles and an Osprey in the right had corner

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Great nephew Cordell wanted to take 'walks' with me.
He would come and find me and tell me it was time for a walk.
I would walk down the road with Corde while he rode his cycle, 
he made sure I knew to call it a cycle.  

It was a good brisk walk for me to try to keep up with him.
He is quite a talker and a little character.
It was quite entertaining and I hit my steps goal too!
Cordell and his cycle.
Grandpa Glenn in the background.
Alyxis and Breanna got some sun.

Alaina, so serious

Great Niece Breanna with fresh baby, Great Great Niece Lucy.

Alaina and Cordell checking out Andy & Michelle's cool, what Corde called the 'big little tent'.

Pretty clouds, perfect weather.

My niece Krista in the glasses of her daughter Breanna.
Artsy fartsy, eh?

It was a good family visit and I enjoyed seeing so many of the kids.
I got some good sun, which I always love and ate some good food too.
Mike grilled chicken and pork on a grill that I should have taken a photo of.
The best chicken legs I have ever had.  Yummy.

My yard looks good for the weekend too.
Everything looks great in what the folks used to call 'the red room'.
Hope you all had a safe 4th of July.

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