Thursday, July 6, 2017

I heard a 'clunk'

Wednesday night, about bedtime, I heard a noise on the front deck.  When I turned on the yard light I saw this little bandit on the deck looking for a snack.  The clunk I heard was the new trailcam getting knocked off the deck rail.  I have it strapped on a wooden stand, but it must have been in his way.  I snapped a few photos through the window with my cell phone.  

He's not very big, so maybe he's really hungry.  I've been talking about putting some cat food out near the woods to lure him away from the deck, I better get on that.

In other news, I got a really short summer haircut yesterday.
I've been trying to walk an hour everyday, so I needed to give my head some air.
Maybe a little shorter than I planned, but it grows.

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