Thursday, May 25, 2017

They are ready to come out

The weather was finally nice enough for me to sit on  the back deck this afternoon. 

Barley & Hops were getting their noses full at the screen.  I better get things power washed this weekend so Barley can get some cat condo time. 

My peonies are just starting too open. 

These early ones are so pretty,  and by the looks of the other buds, I'm in for a good show this year. 

On a very serious note, today was the first time that I drove past the serious damage to the trailer park near Chetek, Wisconsin. I had seen the photographs on the internet and in the newspaper and watched a video that a drone took of the damaged area... But seeing it in person, is completely different. As I was driving down the county road and came to the area where you could see the missing Turkey Farm barns on the left (now smoldering piles of debris) and on the right the complete devastation of the trailer park, it was really quite shocking. Tears came to my eyes as soon as I saw the shredded trees and then when I saw the actual damage and debris to the trailer park, it was heartbreaking. The turnout for volunteers has been strong, from what I've heard, and a local businessman is offering to match up to a million dollars worth of donations that will then be distributed amongst those in need. Of course, none of that happens overnight and these folks need help overnight. It's a helpless feeling but I have faith in American Red Cross and some of the Church groups that are doing good things for these folks and I hope that all will end up in situations that are as good or better than what they had.

My life is good,  I am very lucky. 

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