Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Busy Day

Started the day with Jeff coming to finish up the flooring.
Laundry / Cat Room - before

Entry - before

Beautiful now, goodbye ugly vinyl.

And it's a wrap, all done.  Yay
Then, we had our Marathon Bridge wrap up banquet.  It was our turn for my partner and I to hostess this event which means bringing all the cards, score sheets, pencils and some door prizes, along with arranging for the meal and gathering everyone's menu choice.
I'm kind of glad it is over.

When we arrived, it was pouring rain and the parking lot is under construction, so it was treacherous getting into the building.  When we left, it was sunny, hot and humid and felt stifling. 
Storms were predicted.

About 5pm the power went out at my house and I spent some time in the storm closet.
About 5:30pm I heard many EMS vehicles going south on County Road SS.
Lucky my cell phone kept me alerted to the storm's progress.
A tornado hit a trailer park near Chetek and it looks to be a total loss.
A friend of mine lost her house as she and her husband sheltered in the basement.
Several turkey farm barns were in ruins.
This is devastating damage for all.
I was lucky.
After a couple of hours my power came back on.
Some were not so lucky.

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