Wednesday, May 17, 2017

My friend the Pentax is home

I finally got my Pentax camera repaired.  I've struggled taking outdoor photos with the Nikon camera I bought, although it was great in the gym.
Tonight I took my old pal Pentax for a walk around the yard.
No takers on the bird houses yet, lots of vacancy.

Lilacs at the edge of the woods.  Small but beautiful.

Even in the pouring rain, the Oriole wants his jelly.

Soon to be Peony.
I hope these wait to bloom until these constant rains are over.

These are going to be stunning.

Lone Trillium in the woods.
A little worse for the wear, but still a favorite lovely.
I got all my new perennials and the annuals in the ground or pots before all this rain.
They are probably craving a little sun now, like this new sap bucket planter.
This is the only bear I want to see around my yard from now on.
The folks in Chetek & Cameron are really suffering as they sort through the rubble to find their belongings.  Many are still without power and many are without homes to go home to.
I'm lucky and I know it every day, but this was a good reminder that 
Life is Good
for me.

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