Saturday, May 20, 2017

An Art Show

My niece (in law) Erin is an art teacher in Baldwin, WI.
Each spring she has a show to display the art work her students have created through the year.
It's a special event that Erin and her assistant put their heart and soul into.
She always invites me and I always try to go.
This year was even better than last year.

Part of what I think is so interesting is the influence of each project is a well known artist, so the kids are learning art history, art appreciation and the skills involved with the project.
Here are a few photos from the show.

Great nephew Jake's 'Scream'

Inspiration:  Sculpture by ArtistRobert Indiana

Inspiration:  Cats by Laurel Burch

Koi pond

Inspiration:  Chihuly Glass Sculpture
I love that a Jr. Kindergarten student did this.


 I loved all the cats.
I'd frame one of these for my house, they were great.

Negative/Positive by great nephew Jackson.
Such an interesting technique.
Art stretches the imagination, that is for sure.

More cats

 Chihuly Chandelier

Time Flies When You are Making Art
 Inspiration:  Van Gogh Sunflowers

There were many other projects and I'm looking forward to next year's show.
Well done Erin!
Well done budding artists of Baldwin, WI!

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