Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

While today is about remembering those servicemen and women who lost their lives defending our freedoms, it's also day that I mooremember Dad, brother Gus, Uncle Chris, and many others who served our country
and gave a part of their life to that cause.
My tribute to Dad necklace.

I  also think of the young men from Nephew Andrew's company that did not come home from Iraq.

I attended the Memorial Day Program at Luck High School this morning. It is always a nice gathering of folks to pay tribute to those men & women who lived in the northern Wisconsin area during some part of their lives, who have passed & who served our country. It's always a moving tribute as the names scroll across the screen Cemetery by Cemetery.  
Names that I hadn't thought of for years appear and of course,  Dad & Gus.

Gage, Emily, Owen & Wanda

Great-nephew Gage was in the band, as was great-niece Emily and I saw other friends and family at the program as well.

It was raining, so I did not go to the cemetery but I'll plan to get over there again soon once the monsoons let up.

At home,  the peony bushes are loaded.

And the hops have reached the top​ of their climb. 

Now a little sunshine will be much appreciated. 

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