Sunday, May 28, 2017


This holiday of Memorial Day reminds us of those men and women who lost their lives in service to their country.  
I'll be attending a program in Luck tomorrow, as I do most years.

But it also is a reminder of loved ones who are gone but not forgotten.
I visited the cemetery on Friday afternoon to check on the plant I had placed a few weeks ago 
and to do a little tidying.
First, I trimmed up a little at my grandparents resting place.  
I brought along a nice hosta and planted it between my grandparents and my aunt & uncle.  
It will grow to be a nice size and fill the space between the two.

Then I stopped to see Dad & Ev's bench and have a beverage.
The geranium is blooming, but it has been so wet, it's not really thriving.
Hoping a little sun over the weekend will give it a boost.
A friend asked me what song was in my heart when I was at the cemetery.
Funny, I had never thought about it before, even though the bench says 
"Keep a song in your heart"
I replied that I was listening to the many birds singing loudly, so that was the only song on my mind, but when I visit there the next time, I'll have to be mindful of having a song in mind.

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