Monday, May 15, 2017

A Mary visit

My school pal Mary, who lives in Mason, WI, came down for a visit over the weekend.
We had fun visiting, shopping, having our toes done and eating at Lehman's Supper Club on Saturday.  Since moving to Rice Lake, I have met many WITC folks who knew Mary.  Bert and I play bridge together and he was a pal of Mary's, so he met us Saturday night at Lehman's for a little happy hour.  It was fun listening to them reminisce about their years and many friends in common from their WITC years.

Sunday, Mary & I headed to Eau Claire.  We shopped at the new Woodman's grocery store.  They have a huge inventory of gluten-free items, and Mary has an allergy, 
so she stocked up on a few new products.  
Then we made the rounds to Joann's Fabrics and TJMaxx, before eating dinner at Red Robin.
Red Robin has an extensive allergy menu, very handy on an iPad and Mary was delighted with her many choices.  Dinner was good.

Then, we headed off to The State Theater.

We had the best seats in the house for Under The Streetlamp.

Oh my gosh, they were great entertainers.

Front Row, box seats, the best in the house.
 These guys are former Jersey Boys performers and man, can they sing and entertain.
I loved every minute.

This morning, Mary and I cut some fabric and had breakfast and then she headed back to Mason to catch up with her regular life.
I'm already looking for an event for our next outing.

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