Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trouble in the 'hood

I woke up to a problem with my news paper & mail.  
Sometime last night, before midnight,  an errant driver wiped out the mailbox post. 
Tire tracks show that car left the pavement and the drivers side of the front end took out the post. Then they had to stop, back up and flee the scene.  It's not like the driver doesn't know this happened.

I can't believe I heard nothing; I was up, but watching TV in my bedroom.  
My house is pretty sound tight, I guess last night proves it.

Luckily my neighbor is very handy, so he's already on the repair job.

After I saw the damage, I hopped in the car and cruised the neighborhood to see if one of the locals might have a damaged car.  I didn't find the car but I did find a house up the hill, on the dead end, that looks like it is a bad, bad deal.  My neighbor tells me the woman that lives there may have a drinking problem and he sees her speeding through our neighborhood often.   I'll be keeping my eye out for her from now on.   She's not a good for in the nice little 'hood.  And maybe she has a damaged driver's side front end.  

The Sheriff who came to take my report was really nice.   
What a professional.  
I sure feel good about our local law enforcement.
And that makes me feed good about the 'hood

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