Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our Castle

I took a little trip up to our cabin a week ago.  It was time to see how things were looking, drop off a few items and to get Up North.
We have been lucky over the past 3-4 years to have a group of researchers from the  Department of Natural Resources spending springtime at The Sandcastle studying the sharp-tail grouse living in the sand barrens.

They have been great security for our cabin during a part of the year that usually it sits unused.
The DNR folks always leave the cabin very tidy, usually some $$ for propane and this year they left a few other gifts as well.

 A nice note to the owners.

A great addition to our cabin library, I'll need a week or two up there to read it.

Nice, eh?

I didn't want this to go to waste, so I took it home.
Thank you partners.

Perfect for Up North hunting cabin cooking.
I feel bad about this note, I'm sure this quilt was already torn.
We don't exactly keep our best or favorite linen at the cabin.

One of the reasons I went up to do a wellness check was that the DNR folks had let us know that the stovepipe elbow had rusted through, this means the stove pipe is down.
I don't think we can salvage this elbow, it has served its purpose and is all done.

So, although there is a cap on this pipe on the roof, I'm not sure what might want to come in.
I made a temporary cover and tried to duct tape it to the pipe.

It probably won't block bugs, but perhaps winged and footed will be kept out, 
it would not be good to have a cabin full of birds or squirrels.

The picnic table bench needs a new plank.
I took some measurements and will go on the hunt for a new board,
maybe the Habitat for Humanity Restore will have something to reclaim.

The section to our South East was logged about 4 years ago, you sure can't tell now.

Things were really nice and green at the cabin, and our young man who mows is doing a great job.

I checked the propane and decided it was time for a refill.
Now, how can we keep the wasps from building their nests on the inside of the propane tank cover?

 We have a Lady Slipper that blooms in the Spring, it is located about 20 paces from the deck,
along the edge of the woods, just off the driveway.
A member of the orchid family, the numbers of these flowers are reduced as the root is deemed to have medicinal value and the plants have been collected from the wild.
And the seeds need help from a fungus to survive and grow, so having one at our cabin is a real treat.
Pink lady’s slipper takes many years to go from seed to mature plants.  Seed-bearing harvest of wild lady's slipper root is not considered sustainable.
Pink lady's slippers can live to be twenty years old or more.
This little beauty is well camouflaged, I had to search for it.

A few projects are on the to-do list for the cabin.
I'll pick up a little bit of PVC pipe for this project.
Our kitchen drain pipe needs to be replaced.

The dormer end of the back of the cabin needs stain, but notice how tidy it is.
I used some Round Up on the weeds and small trees last fall,
it worked.  Now we can see what is stored under the cabin.
 Since this is not the first time the elbow has rusted out on the stove pipe,
I took some photos of the stove pipe at the roof.
Maybe my partners will get some idea of what needs to be fixed for this to not happen again,
or at least as often.

Exciting right?  Well, this post is really just an update for my partners.

When I opened the outhouse door, two little tree frogs fell from on top of the door.
That started my heart!

Why is this deer skeleton laying next to the outhouse?
Did some wild animal leave it there?
Or the DNR folks?
Well, I'll let it be, someone else can decide what to do with that little gem.

Some chainsaw work is also on the to-do list.
A fairly large tree fell near the back of the cabin, it will make for good firewood after
some work with a chainsaw.
I'll leave that to others.

It's always nice to see the cabin looking so tidy, the new darker stain is a big change for the good.

On my way back to Rice Lake, I was lucky to see a complete & double rainbow.

 Not much better than a trip to the Castle with a full rainbow ending.

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