Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A few things

Omaha is feeling pretty comfy around my house I guess, as here are some pictures of him taking a big bath sitting on the porch.

He acts like he owns the place, that is for sure.
If I didn't have this trail cam, I would never see him.

 I did a few minor projects outside this afternoon.  My old Americana Metal Tubing Lawnchairs finally bit the dust, so I have a new lawn chair for the porch, 
which meant Omaha's house was looking too tacky.
After I assembled the new chair, I spruced up Omaha's house too.
I'm really pleased with my peonies this year, now if the weather stays nice,
the blooms will last a while
These fuscia peonies are breathtaking.

The White ones are just opening.

I wish I could smell them, everyone talks about their fragrance, 
but I just enjoy how beautiful they are.
A few things I wish I could smell, many things I'm not a bit sorry.

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