Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tasty snack?

Last year my friend Carolyne gave me these fun little plants that grow tall and produce a sunny, yellow flower.  I was out in the yard yesterday and snapped a few quick cellphone photos.

The blooms remind me of a wild rose.
The stems are tall, so the yellow flowers really show up.

And maybe, the blooms remind this doe of lunch.
Last night, I saw the motion detector light come on out back, went to look, and there stood a nice sized doe, snacking away on my yellow flowers.
From there she moved on to check out a few of my other flowers, she was in no big rush, I got a chance to stand and watch her.
I tried a photo, but I was in the dark house, she was outside, and this was the best I did.

Use your imagination!
My flowers all look so nice right now, must look like a candy store to this forest beauty.

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