Friday, June 10, 2016

Mother Nature is always showing off

With the peony blooms always seem to come bad weather.  
Peonies are so delicate that they don't survive hard rain or wind.  
So, while the weather is predicted to be severe later today, I took some beauty shots of my peony patch that is remarkable as of this minute.   
What happens later, happens.
Crinkled White

Nice Gal and Crinkled White putting on a real nice show.

Crinkled White are my favorites.

A field of Crinkled White

Nice Gal is also a pretty variety.
My friend Carolyne gave me a tub of Canna Lilies.
I decided to use my raised step bed for them this year, and it looks like it is going to be nice.
The white lattice is for a mess of volunteer morning glories that have sprouted, 
so they will need something to climb on soon.
Hopefully the lattice will look a bit more charming when the morning glories get to climbing around on them.

The first wave of storms slipped past my house nicely.
Looks like the peonies will have another day or two to show off.

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