Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Garden Stones

My friend Carol and I took a class at Luck Community Ed on making a mosaic garden stone.  The teacher was a friend from my LHS days and we had a blast.
The process is clever and we ended up with a nice stone at the end of the day.
I didn't take very many photos because I was busy being creative, but here are a few.

Carol's S after contact paper is applied to design and then the design is pulled off and set aside.

My Danish heart after it is set in the thin set.

Carol's S in thin set cement.

Starting the grouting process.

Working the grout in.

Waiting for the grout to dry a bit.

Carol's S under grout.

Grout wiped off.

Grout wiped off.

Ta Da

Ta Da

Carol's finished S

My finished Danish Heart Basket

 Now it takes a spot in the hall of fame between Dad's VJ cement block that he made as a teen-ager and The Johansen Cement Block Mfg. Co block made at that same time.

 It was a fun class.
We already signed up for the next class, we'll be smarter, 
and it will be fun to see what we do next.
Loving the stones.

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