Thursday, June 30, 2016

Looks like home

My feral friend Omaha, now has to deal with his shelter & food source going into lock down every night.  There is a raccoon who has decided to get up on the porch every night too.  
The raccoon does not respect the property of others 
and kept reaching into Omaha's shelter and pulling out the blanket & food bowl.  
e's too fat to get through the door, but was starting to do some damage to the styro liner.  
I guess he's thirsty too.

So, I cut a piece of plastic out of an old tote lid, and I slide that in between the outer tote and the inner styrofoam liner and the shelter goes into lock-down at about 9pm every night.

I pull the orange lock-down panel in the morning, but as you can see,
Omaha comes looking before I get out there.
I still don't see Omaha around, occasionally he'll come up on the front deck at night and drink out of the bird bath, but mostly he remains out of sight.
I guess he thinks this looks like home though.
Omaha resting on 'his' porch.

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