Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The Luck School put on a very nice Memorial Day program for the community.  The band played a selection of patriotic songs which were wonderful.  My favorite part of the program was a scrolling slide show of the names of local veterans and the cemetery where they rest.  It was touching to see the names of so many men and women who I had known through my life, some I knew to be veterans and others I did not.  Of course seeing Dad's name and Gus's name was very emotional.  
The Badger Boy and the Badger Girl gave an excellent speech recognizing the depth of the nation's gratitude to those who died in service to our country.

After the ceremony, I was invited to join Lois and family for breakfast.
Kyle, Larry, Aaron, Angie, Emily, Gage, Ivan, Jens, Ruby with August, Megan, Stella, Jack, Lois, Lois Skow with Jude, Heather
It was a very nice way to spend the morning.
I stopped at the cemetery after and then headed towards home.
After a brief stop at Big Moon Lake to see what Glenn and Kathy were up to, I left for Rice Lake.
Along the way, one of my friends has a lupine display that she had told me was in bloom.
She has been bringing lupine seeds home from her cabin in Canada, and right now they are blooming like crazy.  I took a few beauty shots for her.

What a pretty display of lupine.

I got home in time to sit on the deck, listen to the wrens discussing which house to live in and I enjoyed a cold Coors Light.

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