Monday, May 2, 2016

Gage is confirmed, Jack is licensed

On Sunday, I went over to Luck to church as it was confirmation Sunday for great nephew Gage.  It was a nice day for a drive, life is returning to the North, lots of green and a few things blooming.

As I drove into the church parking, I saw Jack driving in, alone.  He just got his driver's license last week.  Having another person to pick up and deliver kids will be a big help at that busy house.

The church service was nice, and the confirmands all looked so nice.

I was asked to take a group photo after the service, 
(later I see that my camera was set weird, but sometimes I forget to check my equipment).

Great Nephew Gage on far left.

Gage's godparents / sponsors were there too.
I've known Bruce since he was a toddler, he and wife Sarah have a nice family.
Bruce continually beats me at Words with Friends.

Levi and Gage are good pals.

Kyle, Gage and Heather
It was a nice family event, and another milestone in the life of this young man.

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