Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Close Encounters

Last night, there was a near miss on the front porch.
Now it is settled, no more food in the shelter until the raccoon quite coming around.

Omaha in the shelter, and here comes a raccoon to nose around.

Omaha is peeking out as this raccoon tried to figure out where the food is.

Omaha stayed in the shelter until the nasty raccoon was gone.

Evidently the raccoon came back later and tried to get into the shelter.

I think he was trying to relocate the shelter, but he was unsuccessful.  
He did manage to pull the blanket out and move the box.

Omaha showed up this morning to check on his house.
He's looking at the camera as if to say, "can you fix this mess?"

So, no more food in the shelter for awhile, so Omaha will have to dine on the rodent popualation.

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