Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wellness Check

On Tuesday, I took a drive Up North to check on our Sandcastle cabin.  
No one had been up there since last fall and it was time to check things out.  
A sunny, breezy and cool Spring day, but a perfect day at the cabin.
All was well and in perfect order.
Almost all of the snow is gone and it is a little crunchy up there, so we need rain.

I tested my new firestarters...dryer lint that I stash in kleenex boxes.  They were very successful, in short order I had a small fire in the stove, so I will continue that project.
Then I enjoyed a beverage and the scenery.

Even the view from the powder room is nice.

After spending a little quiet time here, wishing I had packed my overnight gear, 
I headed back towards home.

As I motored through Gordon, I noticed this beautiful bird house so stopped to check it out.
The letter states it was donated by the Gordon Corrections staff.
It is an amazing bird house and I love it.

A work of art, and I'm glad I didn't miss seeing it.

Nice road trip and mission accomplished on checking on the cabin.

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