Sunday, March 1, 2015

Basketball brings the family together

Gage's Luck team was playing in a tournament in Spring Valley on Saturday
and lots of family showed up to cheer him on. 

It all started with a text message from Gage.

After thinking it over, I decided not to try to organize a motel stay.

What a great success.  29 of Gage's relatives showed up to cheer on his team.
The first game was a loss, but the next two were good wins for the Cardinals.
Gage's first cousin Corde (Wynni photo bombing)

This gym had a stage, Gus and Mike & Bryce found this to be a good spot to sit.

 This gym had limited seating, but Gus, Kris, Lora and Anders found a nice courtside spot.

Gus, Mike and Jackson in the back
Jens, Jake, friend Morgan sitting

Anders, Ruby, Jackson, Jake - trying to distract the shooter, & friend Morgan

Jens and Jake


Gage getting low on the dribble

Ruby being Ruby

The tip off, always my favorite photo to shoot.

Wynni won the 'who can be quiet the longest' contest that Emily tricked the little kids into playing.
It was peaceful for a while!

Wynni & Bryce

Jake playing with Jens and 'the guys'

Emily thinks Jude looks like this little turtle.  Real nice.

Cousins Breanna, Emily, Gage & Alyxis
 After I took the above photo, I grabbed Lois and we aunts jumped in.
Wanda, Breanna, Emily, Gage, Alyxis, Lois

Wanda and Breanna
I liked our smiles so cropped us out of the big picture.

Gus and Ruby & Anders were waiting for us all to leave the school.

Glenn and Kathy served hot-dogs, etc for a fun supper and great visit.
What a fun day with so many family, 31 for supper if I counted right.

Before I left, I talked Alyxis into playing piano for me.
She has been working on Für Elise and played it for Solo & Ensemble.

Gage and Alyxis fooled around with a little heart and soul music too.

But Corde thought he should play to end the evening.
I think he was playing an original piece.

It was such a fun day together as family.
Life is Good!

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