Friday, March 13, 2015

Moving stirs up a lot of dust and stuff

Gus and Lois moved into a smaller house last fall.  I was unable to help with any of the move because of my ankle surgery and the recovery.  But now I'm doing well and offered my services.  Lois took me up on it and we spent an afternoon cleaning the old house in preparation of closing the sale.  
It's sure easier to clean an empty house.  
Makes me want to get rid of some of the many stuffs I have sitting around here.  
Hopefully that idea gels and I make a doable plan to purge some of my 'keepsakes'.
One nice side effect of the moving process is that old photos get uncovered.  
Lois gave me a couple of me as a 3 year old.
Sitting on the new lawn chairs with Dad.
1955 - I'm only about 2 1/2 years old

Three generation shot with Grandpa Ansgar, Dad Wally & little me.
I'm headed to Luck later this afternoon to take Gus and Lois out for Friday Fish Fry to celebrate the closing and end of moving for them.
Life is Good.

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