Saturday, March 28, 2015

It's that time of year

The birds are migrating and looking for love.

New to the feeder this week are the house finch.
This female was enjoying a snack and a perch.

Downy Love?
Also, it is time for the Barron Electric Co-Op Annual Meeting.
This is an opportunity to hear about the financial status and future plans of our electrical co-op.
Glenn and Kathy get an invite because of their lake cottage, 
so it is a chance for us to visit a bit as well.
It's always interesting and they serve us a sandwich & ice cream for lunch!
This year, I even won a door prize.
I've looked at these and thought it could be very handy.
I rarely win anything, and Glenn wins often, 
so to win this while at an event with Glenn & Kathy, 
that was even sweeter!

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