Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Saturday was bittersweet

 I headed off to Frederic Saturday afternoon to watch the second / final game of the Regional Basketball Tournament.  This time the Luck Cardinals would play the Frederic Vikings.

I was hoping that this sunset was a good omen.
Not red enough I guess.
Gus, Kris & Kyle chatted up the referee before the game.
It didn't help us though.
The fans were assembled.
Even Kris, Lora and Anders came from Alma.
Lots of other family too:  Kenny Olson, Harry Skow, Heather,  Jessica Mortel, Janice Olson, Lois Johansen, Ryan Johansen, Lora Johansen, Stella & Ruby Johansen, Emily Chivers, Aaron Chivers and Kris Johansen.   (Sorry if I missed anyone.)

And on the 50 yard line across the court Gus, Kyle, Alec, Carson, & Cole
And here we go.
The Cardinals again chose to be introduced as a team and then the tip off.

Noah got the tip.
He usually does
Austin worked hard all game.
Frederic pressed alot.

It was a fast moving game.

I like this shot, you can see the fans in the background.

Jack going for the ball


Jack, waiting, near the end of the game.

Time out, Gage is manager handing out the waters
Jack has a shiner from another game where he took an elbow to the head.
Final Score
Frederic 57 Luck 49
Frederic advances to Sectional Tournament
Anders and Megan after the game, cousins in matching coats.
I'm proud to be a Luck Cardinal fan and I know this is not how these kids wanted their season to end.
It was a close game and it could have gone either way.
Ball control was a factor and free throw shooting was off, and Frederic is a very good team with talent and depth.
So, it was bittersweet to see our kids play so well, yet lose.
Good Luck to the Vikings!

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