Monday, March 23, 2015

Stump Be Gone

The Pileated Woodpeckers who are visiting the suet logs daily in the front yard, 
have also been busy in the backyard.

About to launch himself up to the suet block.

Today, I was doing a walk around the backyard and noticed that this stump, 
which I have been covering with an old wash tub planter, 
is being turned into sawdust.
These holes are deep and tunnel through the entire stump.

I should have taken the photo to show the pile of sawdust below the work area.
Since I have not witnessed this process, I am only guessing that it is the pileated doing the work.
Today, I set up the trail cam and hopefully, I'll have the evidence of this destruction very soon.

Every since I asked Ryan cut down this elm tree and leave a stump about 2 feet high, 
for some purpose I was not sure of at the time, 
I have wished this stump to be gone.
It looks like my wish is being granted.

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