Friday, March 27, 2015

The baby now plays with a baby

When my great great niece, Alaina, was born, I knit a small pink blanket, 
just big enough to cover her in the car seat.  
I was hoping that after she outgrew the car seat, 
the blanket might be a baby blanket for Alaina to use with dolls.

Today I got a cute text & a few photos from Payton, Alaina's Mom.

The past few weeks Alaina has been very interested in her baby dolls. She sits on the couch and holds them or puts them in her little shopping cart and pushes them around the house. One day I wrapped her baby in one of her small blankets, which didn't last too long. Later that day Rusty wrapped one of her dolls in the little pink blanket you made for her. For the next few days she would constantly bring us babies to wrap. Now she won't use any other blanket for her them except the one from you. She learned yesterday how to wrap them herself. But she will only wrap them on the couch. 
I finally got a few pictures....

What a sweet little girl, taking care of her baby doll.

Life is Good.

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