Sunday, March 8, 2015

Friday was a high

I started my day Friday by finding this nice note in the mail from Dana & Erin.  She always writes a little something when she sends the Sandcastle payment.  
It made me smile.

Then I headed for Luck to watch the Luck Cardinals play the first game of Regional Tournaments.

 Usually it all starts at the tip-off, as usual, one of my favorite shots of the game.
But this time, it started with the Cardinals being introduced as a team as opposed to individually.
A powerful statement in my mind.
Noah Mortel (my nephew's nephew) so my great nephew by in law.
Taylor Hawkins goes to the hoop
Taylor was almost if not perfect from the line

Ruby at the game
Noah to the hoop
It was the close game and every basket counted.
The Cardinals were down in the first quarter, but they never gave up and played as a team.

Noah rebounding.

Noah to the hoop again

Noah trying to shoot

Jens ready for the game

Jack scrambling for the ball

Jack on D

Great Nephew Jack

Austin on in-bounds pass

Austin fired up a 3
With about 40 seconds to go, the Cardinals were down by 1.
We held our breath as Jack fired up a 3 pointer.

And we went crazy when it swished through the hoop.

Jacks 3 falls through the net.
I caught Kyle's eye after Jack's shot went in.

Then a turn over and a couple of free throws and in the end, the Cardinals came out on top.
Luck 50 Northwoods 45.
A big sigh of relief as the clock click down to zero.
I am so proud of these kids.
Their season has been littered with adult crap.
There has been a controversy in Luck for a while regarding their head coach.
Several of the parents were extremely vocal about their opinions, even at the games in front of kids.
Near the end of the season, this coach of 30+ years, was removed.
The Cardinals held their heads up and navigated this turmoil and stayed together as a team.
Being introduced as a team instead of individual players really touched my heart.
This was a big win and of course we are crazy proud of Jack for making a pivotal 3 pointer!

Jack is a freshman, we have many more basketball games to watch him play, 
but I think he'll remember this night as long as he lives.
WTG Jack!

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