Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Early Spring?

Wow, with as much really cold weather as we had near the end of February and to start March, it is just amazing, THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE, to have weather in the 50s today.
Yesterday I brought out the chairs for the red room upper level (front porch) and sat out in the sun for a bit.
Aahhh.  Dad and Ev named this sitting area The Red Room and I guess it sticks.
I did the first of many sweeps of the front deck.  The sunflower seed hulls were at least 2 inches deep across most of the deck and of course where there are birds eating, there is bird poop.
Now I need a nice hard rain to wash off the deck and the trees.

Almost daily, I am seeing the Pileated Woodpecker in the yard.
If this guy starts drilling on the maple trees now he will get sap.
The maple sap has started to run and all over the country side you see blue sap bags hanging off of the maple tree trunks.
It looks to be a banner year for sap collection.

Lots of smiling folks here in 'Sconny, early spring weather will do that to a person.

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