Monday, September 29, 2014

A memorial for Ev O'Toole-Johansen

On October 25, 2014, at 5:00 pm, 
there will be a memorial for Ev O'Toole-Johansen at the Luck Senior Center.  
This will be, at her request, a non traditional celebration of a life well lived.  

Earlier in the day, At 11:00 am, a burial ceremony will be held at the West Denmark Cemetery in Luck.  Since there is a big gap between the two times, it may not work for you to be at both.  That's okay. 

We will have a short program and sandwiches, salad & bars and refreshments, both adult and otherwise, will be served.  Then there will be visiting and remembering and celebrating Ev's life.  Dad will be there from Iowa and I hope that you will be able to come.  This will be a time to gather as a family to support Dad and to remember Ev.  I'm putting together some photo boards, if you have any photos that you would want to share, bring copies and we will add them, or email the files to me.

There will be a notice in the Luck paper the week before and I'll ask for it to be included in the West Denmark announcements the Sunday prior, and I will post it on Facebook as well.  But please help spread the word to those who would want to come.

We are calling it an Afterglow.  
Afterglow:  a glow remaining where a light has disappeared; a pleasant effect or feeling that lingers after something is done, experienced, or achieved.

Ev and Wally always enjoyed family gatherings, and at the end of most of these events, the last of the group (those who could stay awake) would gather to join in a little 'afterglow'.  Most of the time this took place in Wally & Ev's room, and there would be a rehashing of the event, much laughing and a last nightcap with Wally and Ev.

I'm not sure if Ev's kids will come from Iowa, but they may.  We shared their mom for all these years, it would be nice to share this celebration of Ev.

Contact me if you have questions.

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