Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday night, after talking to Dad

Dad is doing good.  I sure hope I have those genes.  He's so grounded.

He said he plans to try to do everything himself.  He found some of the credit cards and other information he needed in Ev's purse today.  Tomorrow he's going to call the lawyer to ask him to help him with wrapping up Ev's affairs.

He's glad that everyone agrees on no funeral, he said that waiting and then having memorial service would be good, else a funeral just starts it all over again.

He wants Ev's girls to come and look through the clothes and jewelry and stuff and take care of that, but no rush. It might be tough for Teri to do that for a while.  He said, once all that stuff is gone, he'll have too much room, but he's not going to do anything about that until Spring.  I'm not sure if he was trying to tell me something about moving, maybe.

Then he told me this little story...

This morning, the first morning there without Ev, he woke up and thought, well I have to make coffee. So he got the coffee out and started but then he saw the coffee was already set up ready to brew.  Of course, Ev always did that before bed each night, so she had done that Sunday night.  So, Dad said this morning's coffee was extra special because it was the last time Ev would make coffee for him.  Nice.

Good friend, Jim Swenson, is going to stop there in the mornings, he comes into town to see his cousin every morning and will add Dad to his route.  

Dad sounded pleased that I was getting him an easier flip phone for a cell phone.  He says he has tried to answer the phone with the TV remote several times, so don't be too concerned if he doesn't answer the phone when you call.  We also talked about the life link deal that is ordered. I am guessing it will be similar to Ane Marie's, he thought it sounded like a good setup.

And so it goes...

(I'm probably done sending updates unless there is something to say, but thought you should all know that Dad seems to be managing.)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates. The coffee story was so touching, I loved it. Your Dad is so amazing and strong. There is so much to learn from him.


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