Friday, September 5, 2014

And so it goes... A Danish phrase, that says much

Friends and family, 

I could not be sadder to send you this news that Ev O'Toole-Johansen passed from this world on Friday at about 7 p.m., 9/5/2014.

Dad, and her children, were at the hospice with her today and over the past 5 days during her hospice care.  The hospice nurses (who I believe to be angels on earth) assured Dad that Ev felt no pain, was comfortable and passed peacefully.  For this we are all deeply grateful.

In my wildest dreams I could never have guessed that I would be writing this note.  It seems impossible to comprehend that the famous duo of Wally & Ev have danced their last dance and laughed their last laugh as a couple.  (I'm attaching a photo of them dancing and laughing when they were snow-birds in Texas, taken in 2004.)

Ev was always adamant that she did not want a traditional funeral.  Instead she wanted her loved ones to take time to grieve and when the time was right, then throw a big party and a celebration in honor of her life.  To be sure, we will grant her this last wish, and plan a celebration of Ev's life once the time is right.

Tonight, Dad is with the O'Toole children and family & tomorrow will return to his apartment and begin the work that comes as he sorts through his feelings and begins to make decisions about his future.

And so it goes.

Please share this information as you see fit and keep Dad close in your thoughts.   He will need your love and support as he grieves.


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