Saturday, September 20, 2014

Poor Me

This week I had a couple of days where I was pretty much on the pity pot.
I was thinking that I was pretty sick of riding the scooter (4 weeks down,  2 more to go) and the inconvenience of getting around.
One day in particular stirred up my martyrdom, that was Thursday. I headed out before noon to go mail an envelope to Dad.   So this means getting the scooter down the steps of the house then using the crutches to get into the car after putting the scooter into the back seat. Then driving to the post office, parking, using the crutches to get to the back seat, pulling the scooter out of the backseat and then riding into the post office to mail my envelope. Then back to the car and repeating the process of putting the scooter in, crutching to the front seat...blah blah blah. 
After the post office I headed to the Senior Center to have lunch with my friends and to play bridge. Once again going through the process using the crutches to get to the back seat, pulling the scooter out and then scootering into the Senior Center to have lunch. 
(You have to remember that I've been sitting at home with my leg elevated pretty much most of the time for the four weeks that I've been recovering. And so I am a wimp.)
After enjoying a visit and lunch with my friends, I played bridge for 3 hours trying to keep my leg elevated and not wipe out anybody else. After bridge I went back to the car repeated the loading process then went to the grocery store because I needed milk. By now I am getting tired and quite frankly, pretty crabby. For the first time since my surgery I pulled out my handicap parking sticker and park in a handicap spot.  About the time I was getting ready to get out of the car, another shopper came and parked so close to me that I didn't have room to get the scooter out without smashing more car door into her car.  This was no big deal really in that all I had to do was reposition my car in my parking spot but remember, by this time I was crabby.  ;-)
I put my purse on top of the car and then started to get my scooter out of the back seat, which requires me to about stand on my head and on one leg,  when a thoughtful shopper began calling to me from across the parking lot "don't forget your purse! don't forget your purse!".  I didn't immediately hear what she was shouting about, so stopped what I was doing to stand up and listen to what she was saying.  I assured her i would not forget it, grrrr.  She was trying to be thoughtful, but remember by this time I was crabby.
Okay, so finally into the grocery store I motored and got my few items and then went back to the car and put them into the car.  And again, crutches & scooter... blah blah blah.
Okay, needed groceries purchased, I headed home. Once the car was in the garage, I for the last time, crutch to the back seat got the scooter out close up the car and began to haul the bag of groceries up to the front step.   Then I noticed that a kindly neighbor had pulled my empty trash hopper up to the side of the garage right in front of the pedestrian door. He was trying to help me out but by parking it by the side of the garage but then I had to haul it around to the front overhead door and then slide it in, which sounds like no big deal except that I was on a scooter and pretty tired by this time...and kind of crabby. Did I mention it was hot?   I had worn a sweatshirt when I left in the forenoon, but the temp had come up nicely and the sun was very warm.  So add to crabby, hot.
Anyway, back to my whining.   So, time to haul the scooter up the steps and get myself up the steps.   Once I was at the front door, I realized I had left my purse in the car (that's what happens when you sneer at a do-gooder shopper) .  So,  haul the scooter back down, getting myself back down, grabbing said purse & keys out of car, then hauling scooter back up steps and self up steps and finally getting back into home sweet home!
By this time, I was sporting a pretty good pout.
Just like a tired little kid, I went to bed early, still reading Gone With the Wind, and was glad that tomorrow was another day.  
Today, Saturday, I am enjoying a beautiful fall day on my back deck.  So far the frost has missed my place and my impatiens are still beautiful.   A few pesky mosquitoes are biting, but not so bad that they will force me inside, yet.
I think my pity party is over (for now).
Life is good.

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sherri said...

An epic pity party at that! Thanks for sharing....we all have our days!


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