Friday, September 26, 2014

Sometimes things go good

Today I went to Luck to meet with the salesman for the cemetery marker for Ev.  Dad has decided he would like to have a park bench for the marker and a local Luck man is a contact for purchasing this type of memorial.  Bruce Everts is a Luck graduate and someone we've all known for years and he was a huge help to me today.   We sketched out the words and design and now it is up to the next step folks to help us finalize the design so that it all looks good.  If things go well, the bench will be placed before the burial on October 25th.  This appointment went much better than I could have expected.  Bruce is funny and helpful and has a lot of experience.  He made this 'job' pretty darn easy.

After my appointment, I went for a drive to the cemetery to see where Dad & Ev's plot is located.  The plots were gifted to Dad & Ev from Aunt Johanne and Uncle Thorvald a few years ago.  The location is really nice.  Under a huge maple tree, just at the bottom of the hill, and only about 20 feet off the drive way into the cemetery.  
The red flags and stake mark the location of the park bench / headstone.
Very nice.  Also, there are no benches in the area, 
so this will be a nice spot for cemetery visitors to rest.

The leaves are changing like crazy.  This tree on the East side of the cemetery was like a flame.
West Denmark Cemetery
Luck, Wisconsin

I stopped on Park Avenue and snapped a couple of shots.
This is not peak yet, but I don't think I'll get over there to see it in full color.
Looks to be a show stopper!
Park Avenue
Luck, Wisconsin
It was a good day.

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