Sunday, September 14, 2014

I visited with Valdemar on Saturday

Glenn drove, and I rode, to Iowa for the day on Saturday.  We got to Dad's in time for lunch.  Jeff (Ev's youngest) was there too.  We had a very good visit over lunch.  Then we all went back to the apartment.  Dad and Jeff updated us on some of the legal details they are working on to settle Ev's affairs.  I read all the sympathy cards that Dad had received.  People are so thoughtful.  Dad sure seems to be doing quite well.  It was a hard day when Ev's ashes arrived, but, he is able to move on.  The O'Toole kids and the Swensons are taking really great care of Dad. 

Dad is quite firm that he wants to stay put in the apartment over the winter.  I did float the idea of moving to an apartment in Luck in the Spring and he seemed willing to consider it.  There is a landlord there who treats veterans well and I think it would be a perfect place for Dad.  Now it's just a matter of Dad deciding and letting Kyle know.

Dad would like to have a Memorial service in a Luck sometime this fall, so we are looking at the calendar.  There might be a chance that Laila could come, so once we know that, we'll start planning the date, and I'll let you all know what we plan

Dad has really enjoyed the phone calls he has been getting. The apartment is really empty without Ev.  He gets a few visitors but the phone calls are really good medicine.  I'm calling him every night at 9pm to check in and I get the daily report.  The other night I was 2minutes late calling and he let me know about it, ha!  Jim Swenson stops for coffee at about 9am, and that gets Dad going on his day.

Dad has the Lifeline alert system now.  It is a button he wears around his neck.  It even senses if he falls and automatically dials for help.  It's great peace of mind, and it can transfer wherever he lives.  Dad wears it inside his shirt because  "those things are for old people".  ;-)

I think I sent you all the obituary. It will be in the Luck paper next week.  If you did not get it, let me know.

As Glenn and I drove away on Saturday, Dad was sitting in the sunshine out in front of his apartment.  Smiling as usual.

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